1. Each individual home team player has the choice of a break or allow their opponent the honour to do so.

  2. The balls are racked, with the black ball placed on the spot nearest the top cushion.

  3. The break shall be made by the cue with the white ball placed anywhere behind the baulk line. THE MAJORITY OF THE CUE BALL SHOULD BE BEHIND THE LINE, (If the referee believes the cue ball is not behind the line, he must inform the player of this and not allow the player to play the shot until it ¡s behind the line). A minimum of 2 balls must strike the cushion to constitute a legal break. Failure to do so will result in a foul being committed.

  4. On the break if one or more colours are potted then the player has to nominate their choice of colour to the referee; failure to do so is a foul. If the player nominates a colour that was potted on the break the player is on that colour and does not need to pot the nominated ball to remain on that combination. If a player nominates a colour that was not potted on the break, to be on that colour the player must pot a ball of that colour legally on the next shot to remain on that combination. Failure to pot a ball or committing a foul means that the incoming player has an open table.

  5. If, on the break, a foul is committed, the incoming player MUST NOMINATE their choice on their second shot and continue to play. Failure to nominate means the nomination again passes over (whether further balls are potted or not). The player must pot the nominated ball to remain on that combination. Failing to pot the nominated ball means the incoming player has an open table. If there is an open table (players colour groups yet to determined) and a foul is committed, the incoming player must nominate their chosen colour group on their second shot. Failure to nominate results ¡n a foul. Any balls potted are deemed irrelevant as colour Groups can only be determined off a legal shot.

  6. If a player cannot legally hit any of their object balls or the black (once all their object balls have been potted) without having to commit a foul shot (referee's decision) that player has the option of asking for a re-rack or continuing to play.

  7. The player who pots the black ball legitimately, after he has potted all his combination of coloured balls, is deemed the winner.

  8. When the black ball is potted on the break (le the first shot), the game shall be re-racked with the offending player paying for the new game.


In the event of a foul being committed the incoming player will be allowed, after asking the referee for “ball in hand'' the referee must pick the white ball up and hand it to the player (otherwise this will be classed as interference and is LOSS OF GAME - as of Rule 5 'Loss of Game') to replace the cue ball anywhere behind the baulk line if they consider ¡t will be to their advantage. (Majority of the cue ball should be behind the line, if the referee believes the majority of the cue ball is not behind the line, he must inform the player of this and not allow the player to play the shot until the majority of the cue ball is behind the line). They will also be given a free table on their first shot only of their two shots, whereby they may legally hit and pot in any manner of combination any ball on the table, remembering that once on the black ball ¡t is potted independently of all other balls (le no other ball can be potted on the same stroke on which the black is potted) but can be potted using the opponents ball on the first shot only.

  1. In-off/potting white ball (this includes the break). White ball to be placed behind the line.

  2. Hitting/potting an opponent’s ball before their own (unless a FREE TABLE has been awarded).

  3. Failing to hit a ball, unless ‘Jawed’. (in the event of a miss at the break, non-striker accepts white’s position).

  4. Hitting black ball before own balls have been potted (unless a FREE TABLE has been awarded).

  5. Intentional jump shot.

  6. Touching any other ball with cue (other than the cue ball when cueing).

  7. Touching a ball with clothing or parts of the body in the action of shooting.

  8. Both feet off the floor.

  9. White and coloured balls falling to the floor — own coloured balls to be replaced in the centre of the top cushion, or as near as to the centre as possible (without disturbing other balls), the top cushion being the opposite end from the line. White ball to be replaced behind the line, opponent’s ball to be pocketed.

  10. Striking cue ball more than once.

  11. Playing before balls have come to rest, or have been replaced on table.

  12. Playing out of turn.

  13. Failing to nominate, and playing into space, when ‘Jawed’.

  14. Striking an object ball, having nominated to play into space, when ‘Jawed’.

  15. Failing to nominate in connection with Rules 4 and 5.

  16. Failure for 2 balls to strike a cushion off the break.

  17. Failure to comply with Doubles Match Rules.

  18. Failing to play away from a touching ball.


The game is lost and awarded to the opponent in the event of the under mentioned fouls.

  1. In-off the black ball when the black ball has been potted.

  2. Potting any ball in addition to the black ball.

  3. Potting black ball before own combination.

  4. Black ball falling to the floor.

  5. Player deliberately preventing balls from entering pockets using their hands or cue - THIS INCLUDES WHITE BALL, REMEMBER, NO INTENTIONAL INTERFERENCE DURING A GAME - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

  6. Intentional playing of black ball before all object balls have been potted (mis-cueing and touching black ball not applicable) — this includes ¡f touching an opponent’s ball and playing away onto the black ball (unless a FREE TABLE has been awarded).

  7. Intentional cueing (hitting) any other ball with the cue other than the white ball.

  8. Committing a foul when the black ball is potted.


Push shots are not allowed.

Players must play away from a touching ball, failing to do so will result in a foul being committed (see fouls).


If ‘JAWED’ off a foul shot (le, the cue ball is in the jaw of a pocket, and the player is unable to hit any part of their OWN combination — Referee’s decision) the incoming player has the option to forfeit the FREE TABLE and play into space (ie. Not hitting any other ball). This must be nominated to the Referee.


If a ball falls in the pocket unassisted, it will no longer depend on who was addressing the table as to the next course of action. It will simply be replaced and the frame will continue.


It is conceded, that on limited occasions, a stalemate can occur. In such circumstances, the referee and both captains can confer to re-rack the game, provided that both players are agreeable.


Coaching is not allowed, and although it is considered that warnings by the referee should be given, in the event of blatant coaching which would alter the course of the game (to be decided by the referee), two shots will be awarded to the opposing player. Persistent coaching will not be tolerated and severe action will be taken against all offenders by the League Committee.


  1. Once the balls have been broken conferring is permitted whilst the players decide a colour to nominate.

  2. After the break shot, all subsequent shots will be with no conferring.

  3. The only time conferring is allowed will be between visits not shots.

  4. Once the white ball has been struck conferring is not allowed until the end of the visit.

  5. Failure to comply with these rules will result in a foul being committed.

  6. All the above rules apply to all doubles matches and competitions.

Mixed Doubles

The Mixed Doubles Knockout is Dutch/Scotch Doubles (this is where players take alternate shots).


All teams will be competing and will be played over one leg, first team drawn has home advantage.

The rounds will be played on Thursdays dates to be announced.


All teams that are knocked out of the Team K.O. Cup will automatically be entered in the above (unless they do not turn up for their fixtures). Premier teams are excluded from this competition.


All registered players may enter these competitions. Table fees for Finals will be paid for by the League and referees will be provided for these matches only. In all Individual and Doubles matches the break will be decided by 1 coin toss and thereafter will follow sequence.

All Individual matches will be played best of three games. Quarter and Semi-finals best of five games and the Final will be best of seven games. All Doubles matches will be best of three games, and the Final best of five games.

To enter the Doubles Knockout both players must be from the same team.

To enter the mixed doubles knockout only one player needs to be registered with the League and both players can be from different teams. No substitutes are allowed in the Doubles Competitions in the event of a player dropping out of the League.

Entrance fees for the Individuals, Ladies, Doubles and Mixed Doubles Competitions will be £5 per entry.


All CAPTAINS are invited to compete (only the person the Committee recognises as the designated captain can enter). No entrance fee is required.


Trophies will be awarded to the First, Second and Third place teams in each division.

There will be trophies for the Semi-Finalists, Runners-Up and Winners in the Team Knockout, B & M Evans Trophy, the Captains Cup, the Ladies Individuals and the Mixed Doubles Knockout, and the Quarter-Finalists, Semi-Finalists, Runners-Up and Winners in the Individuals and Doubles Knockouts.

All teams and individuals receiving trophies are responsible for the cleanliness of them on return. Trophies owned by the League must be returned to the Committee Headquarters on Monday 2nd September 2019.

Any winning teams or individuals failing to attend the Presentation Evening to collect their trophies will forfeit their right to their awards.


Listed below are the dates that a representative from each team is required to attend the Committee Headquarters, unless otherwise directed, for the payment of all fees that are due and/or the collection of all documentation. Failure to attend these meetings will result in a £10.00 fine being imposed. Repeat offenders could have points deducted.

Date of Meeting

Payment Due

Monday 13th May 2019


Monday 3th June 2019


Monday 1st July 2019

No payment but must attend

Monday 5th August 2019

No payment but must attend

Monday 2nd September 2019

No payment but must attend

All Annual Trophies to be returned. Any Trophies lost, damaged or returned in a dirty condition will result in the teams/players responsible being charged for the replacement/repair or cleaning cost.

Monday 30th September -         Thursday 3rd October

     Tickets for the Presentation Evening will be on                 sale during Finals week.