1. Each team will consist of a minimum of 8 registered players with no restriction on subsequent signings.

  2. Entrance fee will be a minimum of £50.00 per team for the first 10 players signed, thereafter an additional £5.00 per player.

  3. Each team will pay fees to the league for the first 2 months (see page 9) and a representative will attend the Committee Headquarters on the first Monday of each month (unless otherwise directed) at 8.00 p.m. Failure to attend will result in an automatic fine of £10.00. Repeat offenders could have points deducted. THIS INSTRUCTION RELATES TO ALL COMMITTEE MEETINGS THROUGHOUT THE YEAR AND IS MANDATORY.

  4. Teams who play a non-registered player will forfeit the match. They will be deducted Six League Points and be fined £15.00 by the League Committee. Three points will be awarded to the opposing team. (There is a 100% check on all signatures).

  5. No person is allowed to play for more than one team ¡n a season, but a registered player may re-sign for another team, provided that a transfer fee of £10.00 ¡s paid to the League in advance.

  6. Each game will have one referee, being a registered player of the League. The away team will referee the first game with alternate referees from each team thereafter. Referees will ensure that each game is played in a quiet atmosphere at all times. Should a dispute arise, the respective captains must be consulted. After consultation the referees’ decision will be final. It ¡s pointed out that when refereeing, each individual represents the League and must be completely IMPARTIAL.

  7. In the event of a dispute, the frame ¡n question, should be stopped immediately and an appeal should be sent ¡n writing to the Secretary of the League to arrive no later than 12 Noon on the Saturday following the match. The Committee will discuss and reach a decision which will be final.

  8. All Result Cards should be signed by the respective Captains on completion of each match and the WINNING Captain must post the card to the Addressee to reach him no later than 12 Noon on the Saturday following the match. In the event of a draw the HOME Captain must post the card. Non-receipt of cards will result ¡n a £5.00 fine being imposed. Arrangements in respect of Individual and Pairs Competitions will be advised by the Competition Administrator.

  9. Any team unable to play must notify the opposing team 7 days before the fixture date. At this point both Captains must agree on a date for the cancelled fixture to be played, which must be within 4 weeks of the original date, the team initiating cancellation must also notify the Fixture Administrator before 10 p.m. on the date of cancellation, at the same time, notifying him of the new date. No charge will be made for fixtures played prior to the original date, but fixtures played later will carry a cancellation charge of £10.00, payable by the team initiating cancellation. Any match not played within 4 weeks of cancellation the Committee will set a date on which the match has to be played. All cancelled/re-arranged matches must be played no later than Monday 9th September. No League matches to be re-arranged or cancelled after Monday 9th September. Exceptional circumstances will be heard by the Committee and as always Committee decisions are final.

  10. All League and Team KO matches must start at 8.30pm and teams must have at least 4 players present by 8.30pm or they will forfeit the first game. They will forfeit the match at 8.45pm with the opposing team completing the match card with names and signatures. The away Captain will chose his players first ¡n all games but need not nominate his team in advance. Both Captains must ensure that games start as promptly as possible. The matches will not be stopped for the arrival of food. This also extends to the time taken ¡n selecting players to sign the match card. We appreciate that on certain occasions due to the matches importance a little extra care is taken in selecting your players but this does not mean consistently having team conferences between selections. We are taking every possible measure to make sure matches are finished within licensing hours. Teams found persistently delaying the flow of the game will be dealt with accordingly. If a team has no more players to put on, a waiting period of 10 minutes is allowed before the remaining games are claimed by the opposition — only one waiting period will be allowed.

  11. It is of the utmost importance that each registered player studies the notes and rules of the fixture booklet and they strictly follow the rules of the game.

  12. All registered players will be eligible to compete in all major competitions of the season.

  13. The bottom three teams in each league will be relegated and the top three teams will be promoted, as applicable.

  14. Teams not appearing for matches will be fined £20.00 and be deducted 3 league points. The opposing team will receive 3 league points and each player who signs the card will receive the frame win, if any team fails to turn up for 3 matches during the season will be immediately disqualified from the league. You have been warned. At the end of the season should more than one team have the same league points the aggregate of the league matches between the teams will be the deciding factor. If they still cannot be separated then there will be a play-off.

  15. Each team will receive 10 Rules and Fixtures books which are free. Additional books may be obtained at a cost of £1 per book.

  16. IMPORTANT — All teams may register players at any time of the season up to and including the Monday 26th August 2019. A registration charge of £5.00 per player must be paid to the League in advance and new players MUST NOT be played in any matches until their name, signature and registration fee on an official form has been handed in at the WHITE BOAR. It is important to note that Note 5 still applies.

  17. Registrations will not be accepted if not on an Official Registration Form.

  18. All unfinished matches must be notified to the Fixture Administrator by both captains giving good reason.
    All League and Team Knockout Fixtures will consist of SIX singles matches and TWO doubles matches (THESE ARE DUTCH/SCOTCH DOUBLES - THIS IS WHERE PLAYERS TAKE ALTERNATE SHOTS). Winning teams in the League will receive THREE points. In the event of a draw in League matches one point will be awarded to each team. Cup matches will be one leg only, first team drawn has home advantage. The final will be played at a neutral venue. In the event of a draw in the cup, each Captain will nominate Three Players (who must have already played in the match), to take one shot each on the black, which will be placed on its spot in a penalty shootout style. The cue ball will be placed by the incoming player anywhere behind the line. 1f the referee believes the cue ball is not behind the line, he must inform the player of this and not allow the player to play the shot until it is behind the line. The toss of a coin will decide which team chooses to take the first shot, with ¡t being alternate thereafter. This order will continue ¡f sudden death is required. The team that pots the most blacks at their three attempts will be the winner. In the event of a tie, the same three players, in the same order, will take part ¡n sudden death until there is a winner.

  19. No telephone calls must be made to any Committee Member’s home after 9 p.m. and all communications must be in writing and posted to the Secretary.

  20. The Committee shall reserve the right to add, and exclude or amend any note or rule that ¡n their opinion is in the best interest of The Bury & District Pool League, providing that they have consent of a majority at a Delegate Meeting.

  21. Any breach of the notes or rules or conduct of players or teams likely to bring the League into disrepute will be dealt with by the Committee.

  22. The use of ALL social media sites will not be used as a vehicle to break the laws of the land on libel or defamation against the Bury & District Pool League (B&DPL) or the Bury & District Pool League Committee. FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH THIS WILL RESULT IN SEVERE PUNISHMENTS. Breaking the rule will automatically invoke punishment without any choice of the B&DPL as a whole or an individual committee member. Any breach of the laws of libel or defamation against a fellow player of the B&DPL will be at the discretion of the Bury & District Pool League Committee after consulting with all relevant parties. No written complaint by the offended player ¡s necessary. A verbal one is suffice.

  23. For the vast majority, this rule never needs to be activated, but there are a few, cowards, who haven’t the courage to confront the people they type about, that misuse isn’t what these sites were intended for. Members families and friends also read the vile they spout and reputation damaging lies that are displayed. They have to be stopped. Hopefully with the cooperation of others, we can weed these people out and ostracise them from pool entirely in the area.

  24. The Committee’s decision is final.